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Matt Thorson over at Helix Games Inc. has been developing indie games in Game Maker for quite some time.

Before I even knew Game Maker existed, I stumbled upon his game Jumper. Jumper really showcases what the Game Maker environment can do in terms of solid 2D design. I was surprised to see a game run this smooth and glitch free in Game Maker and I am excited to see what else can be done in the engine.

The game is extremely easy to learn, the only controls you need are the arrow keys. The objective is to complete each level by navigating 2D game designs most famous obstacles, mazes, pitfalls, spikes and of course electricity. Each level also as a blue gem to collect, collecting them all earns you 100%. The blue gems however are for pros only, the earlier ones offer a stiff challenge while some of the later ones are absolutely impossible to get (but are still fun to try for replay value).

Jumper is by no means an easy game. The level design boasts a Contra like difficulty which can occasionally cause you to punch your computer monitor in fury. I am glad we are finally past the days of three lives and game over as Jumper offers you infinite chances to complete each level and hone your skills. The levels are split into groups of five, each having a different theme and music. The extremely challenging levels offer a sense of accomplishment upon completion.

Thorson was nice enough to post the source code of Jumper 2. Even though the game was made in an older version of Game Maker it can still be examined and modded in the newest version. This simple game has a cult following, the Jumper forums are bustling with game ideas, tips and posts begging for sequels. Do yourself a favor and play this game, a simple idea executed very well. I recommend starting with Jumper 2.


Written by brunokruse

March 3, 2008 at 3:09 pm

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